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Whether you're a small Life Sciences company or a large Pharma, chances are that you could use some assistance when it comes to deploying your eCTD submission. We can help. GlobalSubmit services were developed to assure your eCTD submission success. Whether you want us on board for the full length of the project or you just need us to step in and lighten the load at a particular point along the way, we're here to help.


Efficient, Effective eCTD Management is Within Your Reach

In today’s economic environment, life sciences companies must respond quickly to changes in global regulatory requirements. Our team of experts helps you optimize your existing submission procedures and perfect your eCTD submission process.

GlobalSubmit Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can assist you.  Not only with your product installation, but with integrating your solution with other IT systems, such as electronic publishing or regulatory tracking applications.

Oh, and don’t worry about content management. GlobalSubmit understands the unique requirements for implementation and use of regulatory content management systems and provides focused expertise to ensure overall project success.

Benefits of GlobalSubmit Consulting Services:

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Easily Access eCTD Expertise
  • Accelerate Publishing Processes
  • Boost Competitive Advantage

To learn more about our service offerings, Contact us at 888-840-9580.


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